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New World Order, Secret Societies and the Bible Brophecies a movie research on secret societies and Bible Prophecies

I've just completed watching a movie I found on youtube   NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1 The movie is quite intriguing research on the topic of Secret Societies and connection of what happened in the world so … Continue reading

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What is wrong with todays Economy

This question is a serious question imposed at this harsh crisis times. How and why did we ended in an downward spiral economy? There are many problems which has landed us to where we are. Anyhow there few major ones … Continue reading

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Technology one big freedom trap – Drop off technology to live true life

I'm lately thinking over technology and the way, we interact a lot. I've thought over that so many times and most of the times I get into the conclusion technology is not liberating us as we're told everywhere on the … Continue reading


The Holy Liturgy served before the Funeral Service of Pope (Patriarch) Shenouda III

I've been deeply saddened to learn Pope Shenouda III – of Alexandria – A patriarch of the Coptic Oriental Orthodox Church passed the Spirit to our Heavenly Father on 17 of March 2012. Even though officially Copt Christians are not … Continue reading

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Bulgaria used to be producing computers in the the eraly 1990s

Many Non-bulgarian people, might be unware about an interesting fact about Bulgaria. Here in Bulgaria, we used to produce an 8-bit and 16-bit computers in one little town Pravetz. Pravetz town was a home place of the bulgarian communist party … Continue reading

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The Real reason for the Global Economic Crisis – An Ethical and Moral business relations can recover world economy

So many people, are asking themselves these days the great question:   What is the reason for this terrible world crisis? Its trendy to speculate the reason for the crisis is the downturn in local countries economies. Though its a … Continue reading

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Pc-Freak Anti Microsoft Phreak, Hack Crack Organization crew short history timeline

  Pc-Freak used to be anti-Microsoft Phreak / Hack / Anarchy Cracking (PHACK) magazine at a times, whether cracking was still a "craft". Pc-Freak started by a small crew of two persons Dark Doomer and Hip0. Dark Doomer was the … Continue reading

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Did you that every single day there are …

Do you know that every single day there are: 150 Million Blogs being read 60 Million New Facebook Status Updates 140 Million New "Treets" … 2 Million New Videos Posted to Youtube per day 3.3 Billion! Product and Information Searches … Continue reading

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Do you know that you use GNU / Linux on work at home everyday?

Do you know you use GNU / Linux unknowingly everyday. I bet you didn't 🙂 While reading my daily sites among which is Linux Weekly News I came across a very interesting video which the Linux Foundation created. The video … Continue reading

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The meaning of the business modern day definition

This post, is just to open one big issue I saw with the modern business word. In universities, governmental institutions and everywhere throughout the globe the business word is repeated more and more everyday. People often associate business with all positive.  Everyone … Continue reading

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