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How and Why Walt Disney Is Trying To Corrupt You and Your Children

I've seen a number of videos exposing, a lot of symbolism, occultism and evil contained in Walt Disney's most famous videos. I've been amazed that a first glimpse innocent looking cartoon can contain so much magical stuff, occult and hidden … Continue reading

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Love is the only true motivator for us as humans and for company personnel

During my succesfully failed studies 🙂 in Arnhem Business School (ABS). I've thought a lot on what really is the greatest motivator for human personnel My conclusion after probably two years of observing myself and the surrounding environment is that … Continue reading

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Mass Media equals Mind Control / Watching Television or Movies can put you into a Hypnotic like state

I'm still heavily researching on Mind Control Applications as well as how the our brains could be intentionally mislead to do not our will. I myself am not watching TV for years now and I know pretty well the TV … Continue reading

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What is predictive programming and how it is used to manipulate our ideas about the future

What is Predictive Programming? Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already … Continue reading

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Pavlov Experiments in Conditioning, B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning

The facts concerning, how mind works has advanced severely through the years. Maybe the most significant scientists a fore-fathers of modern psychology are Ivan Pavlov and B. B. Skinner Both of this guys has made a number of experiments, that … Continue reading

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United States Debt Credit will sooner or later surely lead to GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE / The American Debt explained for dummies

Ever wondered, why and how America is still officially a super-power? Many people still believe, America has something superior to offer, has some extraordinary scientists, latest technology or plays key role in global economy because of their BIG money. This … Continue reading

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MK Ultra Documentary movie on CIA Mind Research project – Human Experiments in U.S.

As I've talked already about the existence of mind control brain manipulation techniques developed in the 1960-70s in US under secrecy with a codename MK Ultra. While I was checking stuff in youtube, I've stumbled today on a whole length … Continue reading

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MK Ultra Monarch Programming Exposed videos – How brainwashing works, popular brainwashed pop stars

I'm not a big fan generally of conspirative theories. As a Christian I'm convinced the evil forces, who try to oppose us as Christians are very real. As we can read in the holy scriptures in Ephesians: For we wrestle … Continue reading

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Brave New World – a scary documentary on possible terrible outcomes of one posthuman society

Hi, Hi. It is me the author again. While browsing and conducting a very thoroughful research on Transhumanism. I've stucked upon a documentary movie called after Aldous Huxley's SCI-fi book Brave New World. It is probably, no co-incidence that Iron … Continue reading

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Satanism and Occultism preached in modern Hip-Hop star singers and hip hop culture – revealed

During my younghood, I've been listening to a lot of metal spending many nights in a discoteques. Being seriously addicted to metal music and hanging around a lot with metal companies. Back in the days I remember closely, even though … Continue reading

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