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Intel and IBM future tech world vision about the world, do we really want this?

I’m quite a visionary person as such I’m always interested to prognosis on what the world might look like few years from now. Below are two videos showing IBM and Intel’s vision on what might future bring us. I don’t … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Authority Over-Obedience

How much and to what level should, we obey authority. And is it really that authorities in force things always the best for the masses? Well history has shown and shows again and again that being obedient to Authority is … Continue reading

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Bill Gates explaining solution to over-population – depopulation through vacines and medical care system – Is Bill and Melinda Gates foundation really good?

While checking some videos on the net I've came across information that Bill Gates bough 500 000 shares from Monsanto. Gates is a well know for being Philantrophist, giving large amounts of charities aiming to fight the hunger in Africa … Continue reading

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Secret Life Of Machines – The Telephone (Full Length)

Here is an interesting video talking about the origin of modern telephone communication. In short first was the telegraph, then came the morse code. Then a way was found by bell to transmit voice on a short distances. Then Edisson's … Continue reading

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SuperMarket Secrets and Deception a video explaining the badness of use of super-markets and how super market chains lie to us

SUPERMARKET SECRETS & DECEPTIONS PART 1 (Full Video) – (AKA “How To Avoid Being Fooled at the Supermarket”) Today almost every country in both the developed the less-developed and the under-development world has already largely adopted the super market buying … Continue reading

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SuperMarket Psychology or how the super markets are built to cheat you to buy more

Recently I blogged on The Color Psychology and how it affects us In my continous research on color programming I have come across an interesting interview with a Marketing Manager, who explains a few bits on why the super markets … Continue reading

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Shocking facts you did not know a minute ago :)

I’ve stumbled on a video on youtube exposing very interesting facts collection. The video few seconds start up is a bit of manipulative with those back counting but anyways some of the facts exposed in the video seem to be … Continue reading

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The Thrice Holy Orthodox Christian hymn sang on Holy Mount Athos

  Last year by Holy Virgin Mery Theotokos I was able to visit probably the second by holiness place in the world – Holy Athos. Agios Oros as called in greek is an island in the deep of Greece inhabited … Continue reading

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USB Stick – Holy Scriptures of Roman Catholic Bible

While browsing the internet, I've found an interesting "gadget" a USB made to look like a holy bible cover. The Holy Bible distributed is Roman Catholic. This probably means Roman Catholics has already approved and blessed the distribution of the … Continue reading

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Transactional Analysis Eric Berne – Games people play

Dr. Eric Berne is highly regarded as one of the most notable psychology psychiatry scientists of our age. He developed a theory called Transactional Analysis. That is heavy in use in American companies nowdays. Berne is also preached by a … Continue reading

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