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The Nativity in Christ Evangelical story of the birth of the saviour Jesus Christ in Russian language

I Wish Happy Christmas, to my dear readers. I wish to anyone who reads around. The Lord Jesus Christ to give good faith, peace, joy, health and heavenly blessings. While checking various Church troparions on Nativity of Christ (including some … Continue reading

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His all Holiness Patriarch Maxim Patriarch of Bulgarian Orthodox Church – a silent life of a holy man who headed the Bulgarian Church in one of its most difficult times of 12 centuries existence

  On Saturday 15.12.2012, 40 days has passed since our first along equal Bishops patriarch Maxim passed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Just like his humile living his passing to Christ went in humility and without much publicity.     … Continue reading

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The evils of the Corporate Business and the Multi National Business crimes – What is the legal status of a International Corporation Company? – The Corporation – A documentary movie on the birth of modern Corporations and Multinational businesses

Some 5 years ago, while I was still studying in International College Albena (International College Dobrich, Bulgaria) also historically known under the name "International College Albena", In one of my regular Logistics (lectures), we were Projected a movie by our … Continue reading

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My long lasting study university dilemma is it really worth Investment to study in University? Don’t study – invest your money in something more meaningful

I'm trying to graduate for a really long time, so far. Let me in short perephrase my story, as I'm sure there are probably plenty of people out there who are into the same shitty situation as I. I graduated … Continue reading

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Currency converter Free Desktop Software for Microsoft Windows

Business or not a business entity, in the mostly globalized world it is almost inevitable to go on at least monthly basis without a need for some kind of currency convertion. Of course there are plenty of websites allowing Free … Continue reading

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A Russian Communist Culture classic movie Battleship Potemkin / Броненосец «Потёмкин» (фильм)

  Battleship Potemkin HQ The movie is highly Communistic and early versions of it included a direct verses from the notable Communist Marxist Revolution leader Leon Trotsky The movie tells a story of a Russian ship during Tsarist Russia in … Continue reading

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Belarusian Good Night song ( Kids Lullaby )- Беларуская Калыханка

Here is a beatiful Good Night song (Lullaby) popular in Russia and Belarus. Беларуская Калыханка Доўгі дзень (БТ) Качественнее.mp4 –  Колыбельная There is also a newer remake of the song from 2010, in the video one can see how they … Continue reading

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