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Заповеди Блаженства (на Церковнослаянском языке, На Български and in English)

Заповеди Блаженства (ТК Союз)   На церковнославянском языке по Мф 5, 3-11  Блажени нищии духом, яко тех есть Царствие Небесное Блажени плачущии, яко тии утешатся Блажени кротцыи, яко тии наследят землю Блажени алчущии и жаждущии правды, яко тии насытятся Блажени … Continue reading

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Morning Prayers in Church Slavonic from Optina desert monastery – Optina the Holy Mount Athos of Russia

Morning Prayers from Optina Desert / Утренние молитвы Оптина Пустынь It is a blessing to listen the morning prayers in ancient Church Slavonic, it is double blessing when listening morning prayers as prayed from Optina Desert. Optina Desert(Optina Pustyn) , also known as the Optina … Continue reading

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Windows: Create quick screenshot and import it to Outlook Email – A great Outlook tip everybody should know

If you’re into a huge company like IBM (no it doesn’t stand for I Blame You butInternational Business Machines ) or Hewlett Packard – where using Microsoft Windows mailing is almost mandatory and you have to write tons of mails … Continue reading

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Testament of a great saint – Testament of Saint John of Rila – Spiritual guidance for people from last ages

[1.] I, John, the humble and sinful, who has never done anything good on earth, when I came into this wilderness of Rila, I found no man over here, but only wild animals and impenetrable thickets. I settled alone in … Continue reading

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Psychological instability and the gap between desire and reality

I'm in Sofia just for a few days and I'm stunned how expensive is life here if compared to people's revenues. I think it is almost impossible to live normal live in Sofia with money lower than 500 eur. I'm … Continue reading

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Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords for 2013 – Increase blog earnings with high paying keywords

Whether you're a blogger and you're trying to earn some extra cash for your daily living via blogging you already know how hard it is. It is not hard it is almost impossible to earn enough from Blog or personal … Continue reading


A Hunting Accident Soviet Movie / Мой ласковый и нежный зверь – A notable Soviet Era Movie

A Hunting Accident is another one of those many Classic Soviet Movies. It is produced in 1978. As most Russian movies you have to be russian to understand it 🙂 The movie doesn't have a too special plot but has … Continue reading

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Checking I/O Hard Disk (Overhead) Read / Write operations on Microsoft Windows 7 – Resource Monitor

I mainly have to deal with Linux servers. Today however I had to check for problems Microsoft Windows 7 server. The machine looked Okay but was reading from hard drive all the time. Hence I needed to check what is … Continue reading

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Unique MenuetOS – Free Software 32 / 64 bit OS entirely written in assembly language

  Something very unique, I stumbled on some time ago and worthy to mention and recommend for everyone to test is MenuetOS. Can you imagine, someone might write an operating system entirely from scratch in 32 / 64 bit Assemler? … Continue reading

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Истории Ветхого Завета мультфильм / History of Biblbe old Testament in Russian – Kids movie

While looking for Bulgarian Orthodox Bible to listen. I submed upon a Russian video,re-telling the story of old testament in Russian. I decided to share the movie as I liked how the story of old testament is retold. Its on … Continue reading

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