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Windows: Create quick screenshot and import it to Outlook Email – A great Outlook tip everybody should know

If you’re into a huge company like IBM (no it doesn’t stand for I Blame You butInternational Business Machines ) or Hewlett Packard – where using Microsoft Windows mailing is almost mandatory and you have to write tons of mails … Continue reading

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Currency converter Free Desktop Software for Microsoft Windows

Business or not a business entity, in the mostly globalized world it is almost inevitable to go on at least monthly basis without a need for some kind of currency convertion. Of course there are plenty of websites allowing Free … Continue reading

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Defcon 16 – Hacking OpenVMS – A short history of the most secure said operating system in the World

Many younger people probably haven't heard of Digital Equipment / DEC Corporation neither PDP 8, PDP 16 and all of this arcane computer hardware. I'm sure many people nowdays determining themselves as hackers or tech professionals don't know about VMS … Continue reading

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