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An awesome drum and bass song Feed me – Blood Red

These days I seldomly listen to music. However when I like some song I play it again and again for hours. I know listening to music is the ultimate mind self-manipulation, but as long as it stimulates functioning of brain … Continue reading

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Rise to Power Bulgaria Rise to Power! – Why we Bulgarians are in the bad state we are?! WHY?!

Everyone who reads a bit of history, knows Bulgarian nation used to be among the greatest European Nations. We are from the nations in Europe which exist since the ancient 861. Bulgaria is also among the nations which become Christian … Continue reading

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Learn Basic Serbian language in Video lessons (Serbian English Lessons)

I'm trying to learn some basic Serbian. It is rather ridiculous, we are not being tought even basic Serbian in Bulgarian primary and high schools. Serbia is just one border away and besides that we Bulgarian and Serbs share same … Continue reading

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Orthodox Christian Church songs performance of Psalms 1, 2, 3

I have idea to collect if possible all performance of Psalms in the Orthodox Church. I’m not sure if I would be able to find all of them in the internet. So far I could find the first 3 performed … Continue reading

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History of Belarus in 5 minutes – Learn a lot for Belarus in short time

I've been recently interested in Belarusian History. I found few very interesting videos in youtube, so decided with people who want to learn more about Slavonic Culture. Belarus is a Slavonic culture and old Belarusian language dates back to Ancient … Continue reading

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