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Motivating yourself and changing important for your personal well-being and professional success

I've watched a multitude of videos claiming to reveal the secret on how to become millionaire. I'm quite sure thousands of people all around have done so too. Today it is ultra modern for people to persevere after the idea … Continue reading

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12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki – SEO Summit Guy Kawasaki speech

I'm not a big fan of Steve Jobs, neither I like the cult that is nowdays to his personality. After his recent death the cult to Jobs and his works has bloomed once again. From philosophical point of view I … Continue reading

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Love is the only true motivator for us as humans and for company personnel

During my succesfully failed studies 🙂 in Arnhem Business School (ABS). I've thought a lot on what really is the greatest motivator for human personnel My conclusion after probably two years of observing myself and the surrounding environment is that … Continue reading

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