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The Nativity – Рождество – animated movie re-telling the story of Christ’s birth (мультфильм Михаила Алдашина)

с Рождеством Христовым !!!! Рождество – The Nativity (мультфильм Михаила Алдашина) It is  Natavity of Christ in most the Orthodox Christian world. It is common the feast is celebrated 3 days in us Orthodox. Many of the Orthodox Christians celebrate … Continue reading

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Mind Control – Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis

Here is a video in short talking about Brain Washing and how it works. It seems the lady has some good insight on brainwashing, so what she says is sad facts. Brainwashing is used since the very early days to … Continue reading

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Mass Media equals Mind Control / Watching Television or Movies can put you into a Hypnotic like state

I'm still heavily researching on Mind Control Applications as well as how the our brains could be intentionally mislead to do not our will. I myself am not watching TV for years now and I know pretty well the TV … Continue reading

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Brave New World – a scary documentary on possible terrible outcomes of one posthuman society

Hi, Hi. It is me the author again. While browsing and conducting a very thoroughful research on Transhumanism. I've stucked upon a documentary movie called after Aldous Huxley's SCI-fi book Brave New World. It is probably, no co-incidence that Iron … Continue reading

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Satanism and Occultism preached in modern Hip-Hop star singers and hip hop culture – revealed

During my younghood, I've been listening to a lot of metal spending many nights in a discoteques. Being seriously addicted to metal music and hanging around a lot with metal companies. Back in the days I remember closely, even though … Continue reading

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What is Transhumanism and augenics and why it is a severe threat to our Freedom

Many people, certainly doesn't know what is Transhumanism term but has already been irradiated heavily with TRANSHUMANISM ideas without even realizing it. Just until a recently I used to be also one of this unrealizing "poor" transhumanism victims, who had … Continue reading

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The Satanic Cult behind the Music Industry – Close examination on modern music and its connection to occultism and satanism

Have you ever wondered, how the big music artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, 2PAC, RedMan and the rest got in to the top of music industry? Most people think, well they were born under a lucky star. They're … Continue reading

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The meaning of the business modern day definition

This post, is just to open one big issue I saw with the modern business word. In universities, governmental institutions and everywhere throughout the globe the business word is repeated more and more everyday. People often associate business with all positive.  Everyone … Continue reading

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