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How a Ponzi Scheme works – Ponzi the most famous fraudulent network

Those who are living in ex-communist countries who have been through the so called "Perestroika" – Pre-structuring of economy and in the so called privatization process which is selling factories, land and whateve in a country to a private sector … Continue reading

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MK Ultra Documentary movie on CIA Mind Research project – Human Experiments in U.S.

As I've talked already about the existence of mind control brain manipulation techniques developed in the 1960-70s in US under secrecy with a codename MK Ultra. While I was checking stuff in youtube, I've stumbled today on a whole length … Continue reading

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MK Ultra Monarch Programming Exposed videos – How brainwashing works, popular brainwashed pop stars

I'm not a big fan generally of conspirative theories. As a Christian I'm convinced the evil forces, who try to oppose us as Christians are very real. As we can read in the holy scriptures in Ephesians: For we wrestle … Continue reading

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