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The Color of Pomegranates (1968) фильм “Цвет граната”/Նռան գույնը (1969г.)

Those who enjoy post-modern art and odd movies should definitely check out The Color of Pomegranates. This movie is one among top Greatest Soviet Movies. There is a saying in Bulgaria is the movie Good or Russian. In terms of … Continue reading

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The Needle / Игла one of top 20 USSR, 1988 movies with english/russian subtitles

Игла / The Needle (СССР, 1988) with english/russian subtitles   I just watched a movie famous in the ex-USSR. Just like most USSR movies, the movie is a bit boring slowly going and not much is happening. However it is … Continue reading

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SuperMarket Psychology or how the super markets are built to cheat you to buy more

Recently I blogged on The Color Psychology and how it affects us In my continous research on color programming I have come across an interesting interview with a Marketing Manager, who explains a few bits on why the super markets … Continue reading

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United States Debt Credit will sooner or later surely lead to GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE / The American Debt explained for dummies

Ever wondered, why and how America is still officially a super-power? Many people still believe, America has something superior to offer, has some extraordinary scientists, latest technology or plays key role in global economy because of their BIG money. This … Continue reading

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