PCFreak .biz website logo designed with the Gimp free picture editting tool banner Hello, Hello, The purpose of this site is to proof to anyone who might think, Technical geeks and IT professional are too rigid to have a decent knowledge on business and be a successful business entrepreneurs. I’ve studied in Business Administration University where I’ve been constantly brainwashed with the idea that in order to become a successful business person you need to stick to some kind of specific thought and someone’s world view.

I was taught there is no ethics in business and you need to acquire, some specific skills to become a successful businessman. I was told you need to stick to the HBDIHerrman’s Brain Dominance Instrument and a number of other business techniques, which fostered a bad egoistic mind. Marketing teachers teach me you need to stick to certain rules or you will not succeed, I was always told to follow someone else’s idea of life but not my own. I was made believe non-sense like, you have to be ready to risk to become a successful businessman (business enterpreneur). Nowadays Many people think in business, there is no ethics at all and that to be a business personal you have to be a cruel and bad person, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of success.

All this is very biased idea. I personally believe business success is only achieved if you do give more than you receive. The more you give the more you receive. This is the secret of a successful business, you have to give out more than you receive. You can always do a win-win situation, always! All this kind of prior mentioned ideas are widely spread in todays education dome. I don’t believe all this and this is why this site exists. My name is Georgi Georgiev. I’m the person behind PC Freak.NET Project .

I’ve run PcFreak.Biz run with the goal to show people can be also a good business enterpreneurs and analysts without necessery being evil or manipulative.
With this project hopefully I will show that the people’s idea about business nowdays has become a big nonsense.

What business is from what I’ve seen by so many people calling themselves “business-man” is just a vain thing, they claim to be business people but in reality most of the guys are just fraudulent. What I’ve understand so far is to be a business person and a businessman, you just need to be busy with something, so here I’m doing something 🙂

It doesn’t really matters what it is. I’m sure every kind of initiative which is good in nature and with the help of God the invested time in it can bloom and give a good fruits.

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